About Us

McMillan International Seafood Sales Inc. is one of North America's largest groundfish providers. From the vessel direct to our customer, each process is tracked and expedited.

Having direct access to a wide variety of product, McMillan International Seafood Sales Inc. is a dependable, year round source of all groundfish species (cod, rockfish and sole) as well as seasonal provider of many other varieties of seafood. Talk to our sales department to see what is available this week.

McMillan works directly with primary processors for consistent supply and high quality product. Each process is carefully monitored from catch to transport, ensuring the product you receive meets your needs.

We are always looking for new ideas or areas that can be improved on, please feel free to use the attached feedback form to let us know what is on your mind

To receive a list of our current Product Offerings or for answers to any of your Seafood Questions, please email us at [email protected]


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