on the sea

At McMillan International Seafood Sales Inc., we too are dedicated to reinvesting into the environment and the fishing industry.

By facilitating change through ongoing communication, consultative selling, strategic alliances, and our focus on growth markets, we are truly committed to maintaining a presence in this ever-changing food industry. Our goal is to build a strong, long term, mutually profitable business relationships with all our partners - both suppliers and customers.

McMillan International Seafood Sales Inc. can offer:

  • Product branding
  • Packing at source
  • Special packaging
  • Product sourcing
  • Product support
  • Program business
  • New Product development
We are also dedicated to supporting and promoting the sustainability of the resource and we are pledged to maintain the industry and insure seafood availability.

We are members or close supporters of the following trade organizations:
  1. British Columbia Seafood Sector Council
  2. National Seafood Sector Council (Canada)
  3. British Columbia Salmon Marketing Council
  4. Canadian Groundfish Research and Conservation Society
  5. Groundfish Special Industry Committee (Canada)
  6. South Coast Salmon Advisory Board (Canada)
  7. California Fisheries and Seafood Institute
  8. National Fisheries Institute (US)
  9. BC Seafood
  10. Pacific Seafood


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